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Battle of the sexes: “wreckless” driving

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Typically, women are considered worse drivers than men, but insurance says otherwise. Although insurance rates definitely differ based on gender, there will never be any “real proof” that women are better drivers, as compared to safer drivers. Men, however, are more reckless and are thus more likely to get a speeding ticket, drive under the influence or get into a car accident. Insurance rates for males are higher than they are for females because of just that.

Although the debate is more “chicken and egg” than a real controversy, men can’t ignore the statistics. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 14,512 male drivers died in 2007 in fatal car accidents, compared to the 5,865 female drivers.

In regard to men being better drivers, researchers at the Johns Hopkins Schools of Medical and Public Health found that women have gotten into slightly more crashes per mile than men. Women came out with 5.7 over men’s 5.1 crashes per mile driven, though men drove 74 percent more miles per year.

Maybe this debate is just better left alone, considering that a cautious 82 year-old woman is more likely to die in a car accident than a 16 year-old boy, simply because of fragility. If an elderly person gets into an accident, their chance of survival is lower than a young person. So can a study really be conducted about the level of driving between men and women?

Statistics show that both men and women have their upsides and downsides to driving abilities. On the highway, there are chances of both men and women getting into a fatal accident. Driving is a privilege that should not be taken advantage of. If more people drove following all of the rules, there would be less accidents, which means less fatalities.

Overall, the argument can go both ways. Women have lower insurance rates because they are less reckless than men and therefore less likely to get into an accident or otherwise. But, it is also true that men have less wrecks per mile driven than women.

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Battle of the sexes: “wreckless” driving